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At CorporateSTRONG, our mission is to infuse health and vitality into every workplace, transforming desks and offices into spaces of wellness and productivity. We believe that the strength of a company lies in the well-being of its people.


We envision workplaces across the globe where employees are not just present but engaged, energized, and empowered. CorporateSTRONG is committed to turning this vision into a reality by providing comprehensive wellness programs that fit seamlessly into the busy workday.

What We DO

CorporateSTRONG delivers a simple and easy approach to workplace wellness, combining fitness, education, and motion to create a balanced and healthy work environment. Our initiatives are designed to:

  • Enhance employee health and reduce injury risk

  • Improve job satisfaction and reduce burnout

  • Foster a culture that values and invests in its employees


  1. Daily Engagement: Our innovative platform offers daily exercises, wellness tips, and educational content that employees can access right from their desks.

  2. Professional Partnerships: We collaborate with health experts, fitness gurus, and ergonomic specialists to bring the latest in wellness directly to your office.

  3. Community and Support: CorporateSTRONG is not just a service; it's a community. We provide support, motivation, and accountability to keep your team on track.

  4. Customized Wellness Programs: Each organization is unique, and we are ready to customize wellness solutions just for you. We can tailor programs to meet the specific needs of your workforce.


Born from a passion for proactive health and the clear need for a workplace revolution, CorporateSTRONG was founded by a group of health enthusiasts and corporate veterans who saw an opportunity to make a difference in how we work. From our very first program, we have been dedicated to making wellness an accessible and everyday part of office life.


We are committed to building stronger businesses by fostering healthier employees. CorporateSTRONG promises to provide engaging, effective, and enjoyable wellness solutions that make a real difference.


Be the catalyst for change by signing your business up for CorporateSTRONG today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier, and more productive workplace.

For more information on how to bring CorporateSTRONG to your team, click below:

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Speak with one of our specialists to see which package is the best fit for your team


What is CorporateSTRONG?

CorporateSTRONG is a wellness initiative designed to enhance the health and productivity of workplace environments through a comprehensive fitness and wellness program that can be customized to your business needs.

What services does CorporateSTRONG offer?

We offer a range of services including:

  • Daily bulletins for leaders to lead their team in exercises

  • Additional daily health and safety information

  • Monthly, bi-weekly*, or weekly** local health specials brought to your employees

  • Videos to lead and inform team members on how to do exercises along with additional benefits*

  • Custom videos tailored to your current business needs and issues**

How can CoporateSTRONG benefit our company?

Implementing CorporateSTRONG can lead to improved employee health, increased productivity, reduced healthcare costs, enhanced job satisfaction, and lower absenteeism and turnover rates.

Who can participate in CorporateSTRONG programs?

Our programs are designed to accommodate employees at all levels of fitness and health, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for your entire workforce.

How do we get started with CorporateSTRONG?

Simply just choose the level of engagement you would like to with CorporateSTRONG, schedule a quick 30 minute onboarding meeting, then sit back and we take care of the rest. 

How does CorporateSTRONG work

​All Level Programs:

  • Through your email list, we will send out daily notices to all your employees.  You don't need to do anything more!

  • Your employees can then follow the 5-minute exercises on their own or your leaders can lead their team in their daily meetings.

  • CorporateSTRONG will also reach out to health related businesses around your area (gyms, spas, therapy, restaurants, and more) to get specials in the messaging to encourage engagement and promote healthy living beyond the work space.

Level II Program:

  • Included in your daily emails will be a link to a video for your employees to follow along for their daily exercises.  

Level III Program:

  • CorporateSTRONG will coordinate a weekly meeting where we will determine the weekly/monthly messaging and agenda for your daily emails and videos along with any additional coordination needs.

*Is included in the Level II Program

**Is included in the Level III Program

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